Resource Conservation Efforts

CatTamboo Resource Conservation Efforts

sea-turtle-eating-plastic-bagResource Conservation is very near the heart and soul of our mission at CatTamboo Pet Toys.
For every toy sold, several ounces of plastic are removed from the environment. If you sell
10,000 units, that equates to 30,000 ounces of plastic which equates to 625 pounds.
This demonstrates the impact that our business has on the environment.

Resource Conservation Efforts include:

  1. Produce and distribute our innovative pet toys that are environmentally healthy and capable or preventing thousands of pounds of plastic waste from entering our landfills, oceans,  lakes,  and streams.
  2. Resource conservation of wild game bird feathers in Montana, North Dakota, and Washington.

Wild Game Bird Statistics

resource conservation
Wild turkey feathers

In Montana, over 15,000 wild turkey licenses in Spring of 2013. Over 10,000 wild turkeys are killed in Montana for the sport of hunting. Less than 5% of the feathers are utilized.

Also in Montana, in 2013, over 30,000 waterfowl hunting permits were purchased as of April, 2013. This number could double in the fall. Limits on Canada Geese are 10 per hunter per hunt. It is legal to hunt every day of the season.  Feathers from the Canada Geese are almost never utilized.
In fact, in most cases, hunters remove breast meat only and then toss the rest. Ducks are very similar,  however,  taxidermists do mount some ducks. And another surprising fact about hunting in Montana is that 500 Sandhill Crane Licenses will be awarded in 2013. Strict rules often apply to utilization of migratory birds which can lead to more waste.

Statistically, you’ve got over 50,000 game bird licenses issued in Montana every year. Since many hunters shoot multiple birds in a season, it is easily 50,000 game birds that are killed every year in Montana.  If each bird had 50 usable feathers, the unutilized potential is 2,500,000 feathers.  If you assign a modest wholesale valued at 10 cents per feather you have $250,000 worth of potential natural resource.  On a pet toy, the value equates to easily 5X more. This results in one million USD dollars of potential revenue for Montana that is currently unrealized potential.  In addition, service are needed to process the birds and make cat feather toys.  This means another Million dollars in potential revenue for montana workers.


Based on the public records of all Montanans who purchased a hunting license in 2013 for:

  1. Migratory Birds
  2. Upland Game Birds
  3. Wild Turkey

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