Pheasant feather wand toy

Pheasant Feather Wand Toys by CatTamboo

Our pheasant feather wand toys are made from wild ring necked pheasant tail feathers. We collect our feather from hunters in eastern Montana, Washington, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The outfits that hunt the pheasants also breed them and release them each year for hunting. We feel that we are doing the right thing by making use of the feathers as a natural resource that is otherwise wasted by the hunting industry. In no way do we promote the growth of the hunting industry. In fact of 90% of pheasant feathers are still going to waste in this western region of the united states. There are a few feather wholesale outfits that collect feathers from these industries. They have a much larger hand in making use of feathers that result from the hunting industry. When necessary, we get our feathers from these same wholesale feather suppliers. They key point is that we get them locally which in turn supports the US economy.

Features of the pheasant feather wand toy

The pheasant feather wand toy is unique because pheasant tail feathers are beautiful and long. In addition, many cats in our region encounter wild pheasants and know the smell as natural to their environment. As a result, the cats immediately recognize pheasant as their natural prey. We use unwashed feathers to ensure that your cats are captivated by the scent. The unwashed feathers are perfectly safe!

Pheasant feather wand toys are light and elegant when flying through the air. The feathers move differently from goose or turkey feathers. We recommend trying each type of feather out to decide which you and your cat love the most. Pheasant feather wand toys come in a variety of colors, including natural. Natural pheasant feather wand toys use natural pheasant body feathers in place of the usual colored marabou feathers. Go this route if you want to most accurately imitate and actual pheasant!

Product comparison to other feathers

The pheasant feather wand toy is our #2 seller. People naturally love the look of these feather toys. The stems on pheasant tail feathers are longer and thinner. For this reason, the wild turkey and goose feathers seems to be more durable. However, you can always purchase replacement feathers for your pheasant feather wand toy!

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