Pet Toy Warranty for CatTamboo™ Pet Toys

Pet Toy Warranty

CatTamboo™ Pet Toys have a comprehensive pet toy warranty. If our pet toys are damaged by mail carriers, we insure the packages and replace small orders in-house before the insurance claim is even processed. This means no hassles for you! Detail available here.

pet toy warranty

However, proper care of our pet toys after you receive them is your responsibility. We have customers who claim our cat toys and dog toys have lasted for years, and others who are ready to replace them in days or weeks. Even those customers agree that our eco friendly pet toys are a great value!

There is diversity in an all natural pet toy due to the nature of all natural materials.  Some rods outlast others depending on use, the cat or dog, the owner, natural factors, properties of the fiber itself, etc.  If you happen to get a less than great tamboo rod the first time, please keep in mind that the next one you buy might never have an issue.  Also, you can order our premium grade tamboo rods.  The premium grade pet toys are heavier and more durable.

Sustainable Pet Products are not Indestructible:

Our tamboo rods are made from all natural tamboo fibers that are an all natural material that is not indestructible.  However, Tamboo fibers are remarkably durable and ductile.  Each Tamboo fiber and resulting Tamboo rod is individually tested for quality. Used responsibly, the rods will last for months and will far outlast the feathers.  However, a good pet toy warranty doesn’t mean you get a new toy when you break it.  Our pet toy warranty doesn’t cover your learning curve on using our pet toys, but if life shits on you and you feel gypped, then contact us and as a good company with excellent customer service, we will listen and respond in a all fairness.

If within the first few days, your toy breaks beyond repair:
Simply click the contact us button and explain what happened. In most cases, we will replace the toy free of charge! This is actually not a part of the pet toy warranty so much as it is good customer service on the part of our pet toy manufacturing and marketing company.

When to use the repair tubing: It is important that you do not leave the toy laying around for the cat to chew on. Cats eat feathers and their teeth can leave puncture holes in the tamboo fiber if they get a hold of it beyond the 8 inches of reinforcing on the tip.

Repairing and Adding new feathers to your CatTamboo toys

We recommend purchasing a new pet toy when the feathers get destroyed. However, when you get a really good tamboo rod, it is a good idea to keep it and add a new replacement feather end for 1/2 the cost of a new pet toy.  Our pet toys come with a repair piece as an extension of our pet toy warranty.

A solution for consumers on a tight budget

For responsible adults: You can add new feathers at home by using the extra repair piece included with your purchase.  The repair piece is intended for repairing the rod when an accidental break happens, however, the piece can be used in conjunction with your own feathers if desired.  The process of attaching the feather to the tip of the rod is best done with a lighter or heat gun.  Be careful not to burn yourself or the new feathers. For most people, this type of repair is simple enough to do, but if you are unsure, just purchase a new toy.

Legal Disclosure:

Any and all liability for injury and/or damage of property from using the product or following the advice herein is solely upon the user/consumer.  CatTamboo Pet Toys and our affiliates are not liable for any action that any consumer takes.  Be responsible and safe, have fun, and enjoy doing the CatTamboo!

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  1. I am Cosmos, “the Kid” they call me, I am the youngest. When Mom got your CatTamboo toy I told the other 3 kitties it was MINE! Mom let the other kitties play with it too. It is MINE when I get a good grab hold of it, and I go to the other room where I hide it for later. Usually under Mom’s bed. We need a new one, I said 2. Since our 1st one is only together with duct tape and a fake feather! I ate it! We only had it 8 weeks! Remember I said we need 2, one for me and one for the others kitties.
    (typed by Katrina for Cosmos)

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