Green cat toys in Montana State Fair

We enjoy participating in the Montana State Fair!

Montana State Fair in Billings

montana state fairTitle: Montana State Fair Location: Metra Park – Billings, MT
Link out: Click here (for Metra Park website/ad for the Montana state fair)
The Montana State Fair begins every year in August! The Fair is a great way to enjoy the end of summer and give the kids one last rally before school starts.

We are usually choosing to set up an outside booth but if you don’t see us there then look for us at an inside booth.  In 2010, CatTamboo™ Pet Toys sponsored The Green Directory of Montana by displaying their information and flyers during the event.  This was a great way to learn more about making Green decisions and how to make your business more Green. We will continue to support green efforts!

Just remember: A Green Decision is a decision for Everyone!

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