Green cat toys

CatTamboo pet toys are green. Our green cat toys, called Tamboo Flyers® are specially fabricated to incorporate natural materials that are environmentally friendly! We are committed to being Green!

Green cat toys by CatTamboo

green cat toys
Eco Friendly Tamboo® Flyers

Green cat toys that are specifically designed to reduce plastic waste and help the environment. Check out these Eco friendly pet toys by CatTamboo.

Our eco friendly cat toys and eco friendly dog toys are among some of the best pet toys available.

Eco cat toys: Nature does it BEST!

Our green cat toys are made from all natural materials that perform better than man made products! This means you get a far superior pet toys and the peace of mind knowing that it is eco friendly and environmentally superior.

CatTamboo® pet toys are designed to be superior pet products on all levels. During development, we focused on the following goals to create the best green cat toys possible:

  1. Eco friendly and Green. We ended up with eco friendly, green cat toys because the original design was invented by using materials from nature. This goal was a fundamental part of the design of CatTamboo pet toys.
  2. Easy to Use. Having a green cat toy wasn’t enough. The pet toys needed to be easy to use and safe for all ages. We didn’t care for the clunky flight performance and valid safety issues involved with other interactive pet toys on the market that have either short wands and strings with feathers or both. Cat wand toys like these seemed clunky and difficult to use. CatTamboo toys like Tamboo Flyers and Puppy Pouncers had to be simple to operated. So we made them with the goal that even little kids would find them easy to use. The key is to have absolute control over the pet toy. By eliminating the string and providing continuity from handle to tip, we were able to achieve unique flight action that is easy to control. The action of the toys is controlled by a premium hand crafted tapered rod that flexes and rebounds. In this way, the action of the toy helps it fly itself.

    Adults can use a gentle pencil grip and by using a writing motion, they can make to toy do amazing things. The action can be rather effortless, and that was the whole point- to make these pet toys easy and fun for people too!

  3. Tamboo Flyers and Puppy Pouncers are Fun and Addictive. If you make it irresistible for pets and fun to operate for people, then pets and people will want to play with them!
  4. Tamboo® Rods are Long and Easy to Control. These are some really long cat toys and dog toys! You have a good 6 feet of length which helps make these green cat toys effortless to use, extra fun, and safe in that these interactive pet toys are free from strings, and the length helps keep you safe from being scratched.

    With 6 to 8 feet of length, you can relax on the couch and let your cat do all the running and leaping!

  5. CatTamboo feather toys are Enticing to Cats. These green cat toys are enticing to cats because they have an ingenious way of imitating a cat’s natural prey. Cats have all 5 senses that humans have. So, a simple solution to creating toys cat love was to imitate all 5 senses of taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound. We use unwashed feathers for smell, touch, and taste, then we hand tune the Cat flies to the rods for proper sound and sight while flying.
  6. Excellent Value, Quality, Strength, and Durability. Exceptional green cat toys need to be a great value to consumers. This meant making the pet toys durable and repairable. By making our green cat toys repairable, we are making them more green. Designing the best green cat toys involved the 3 R’s – reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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