Ways you can Donate!

  1. You can Donate to support CatTamboo Pet Toys in our conservation efforts. For every 10,000 units we sell, an estimated 650 pounds of plastic is saved from entering the environment.
  2. Donate our pet toys to your favorite Animal Shelter, pet advocacy group, or non-profit. Donating pet toys doubles the value of your donation!
  3. Support the conservation of natural resources in Montana, North Dakota, and Washington. Click here to learn more.
  4. A vital part of our mission is to help cats in need via donations to nonprofit groups that directly serve the cause of humanity for all animals. By donating CatTamboo toys, the non-profit benefactor will be able to sell the toys at a considerable amount beyond the actual dollar amount of the donation! In short, we share all of the profits with the non-profits to multiply your donation.

    Note: You can leave special instructions during or after donating.

    Non-profit organizations use CatTamboo pet toys as either an incentive to adopt a pet and for fundraising efforts. Donating our pet toys is a great way to multiply your donation by the full amount of our retail profit margins!

    We donate to the non-profit organization of your choosing or we can pick for you.





CatTamboo is making a difference in the world! Every year, tens of thousands of wild game birds are slaughtered for the sport of hunting and disposed of wastefully in landfills. We spend a great deal of time, effort, and resources to help conserve these natural resources.



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