Turkey Feather Wand Toy

The CatTamboo® wild turkey feather wand toy is made from either wild turkey wing or tail feathers depending upon which you choose. We collect wild turkey feathers from hunters and a variety of other sources. Since one hunter can only shoot one or two wild turkeys per season, it is difficult to collect these feathers directly from hunters. For this reason, we do rely on outside sources for our wild turkey feathers.

Features of the wild turkey feather wand toy

The wild turkey feather wand toy varies some depending on which pet toy you choose. You have two choices:

  1. Wild turkey Tail Feathers
  2. Wild Turkey Wing Feathers

The wing feathers are broad with black and white striped patterning and a very gentle curvature. The tail feathers are straight and wide with dark brown patterning and white tips. Both styles of turkey feather toy are beautiful! The wing feathers tend the dart and dive more unpredictably when the fly as opposed to the tail feathers that seem to have a more up and down flight pattern. In all cases, the toy operator has an incredible amount of control over the feather flight because the control is initiated by the rods themselves and the action they create. Wild turkeys are also known by cats in many regions because these birds also wander into urban areas throughout the United States of America.

Wild turkey wand toys come in a variety of colors and sizes. The natural feather toys are particularly popular. These pet toys are also especially gorgeous when you add a peacock eye feather!

Product comparison to other feather toys

The turkey feather wand toy is our #3 seller. These feathers are exceptionally good if you order a large premium rod. The reason is that these feathers are naturally much larger than most. Some people’s concern is that the large feather might frighten their cat. If your cat is older and even slightly timid, then we recommend purchasing the goose feather toys instead of the wild turkey feather wand toy. Otherwise, our experience is that cats are fearless and have no issue with attacking the larger prey. Playing with the pet toy in an enticing way is the key to a success playtime. If you dive bomb your cat with a large wild turkey feather wand toy and they aren’t feeling that aggressive, then they might very well run for cover. Remember that in a cat’s world, the larger prey often fights back! Wild turkeys has large spurs on their feet and they use them to fight. Just think about it….birds dive bomb larger birds and cats in nature quite often. Your goal should be to imitate your cat’s natural prey. Now many people have larger or more aggressive cats. The turkey feather wand toy is excellent for these pet owners!