Purple Goose Feather Toy

Canada Goose Feathers tied to imitate a bird or moth. Get em!
Tamboo Flyers® by CatTamboo Pet Toys
Cat Flies™ on Tamboo Rods!

Purple Goose Feather Toy: DESCRIPTION

purple cat feather toy - Canada Goose
Goose – Purple

Purple CatTamboo™ interactive feather toy for cats, ferrets, sugar gliders, andsmall dogs. Durable and Eco friendly.
Canada Goose – Purple

Introducing the purple goose feather toy by CatTamboo® Pet Toys.  A revolutionary new line of interactive cat toys that are eco friendly and made from sustainable materials.   Custom Tamboo rods with the whip-like action and beautiful cat flies for the enticing allure!   Either way your cat is bound to go bonkers over it! The purple goose feather toys are hand made with wild Canada Goose feathers and purple marabou feathers. These purple goose feather toys are beautiful and come in three sizes depending upon the weight of the rod on your CatTamboo® pet toy. Heavy action feather toys generally have larger feathers whereas light action Tamboo rods will have small feathers in order to optimize flight performance. Purple is a highly visible color to cats. A cat can see most colors, but due to their ability to see in low light, cats see certain colors more strongly than others.

CatTamboo® Pet Toys are fun for pets and people!


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