Orange Wild Turkey Feather Toy

The orange wild turkey feather toy by CatTamboo Pet Toys is available in two different feather types: wing or tail feather. These Tamboo Flyers are a unique cat toy wand that is more realistically like a fly fishing rod. The orange wild turkey feather toy is available in medium and large sizes.

Wild Turkey Feather Toy – Orange

DESCRIPTION for the orange wild turkey feather toy

orange wild turkey feather toy Tamboo Flyer
Wild Turkey – Orange

The orange wild turkey feather toy is a Tamboo Flyer by CatTamboo Pet Toys. This interactive cat toy is made with a Tamboo® rod and wild turkey feathers. The wild turkey wing feathers have the black and white stripes. For an optimal flight experience, try upgrading the rod to a large. You also have the option to add a peacock eye feather to the cat fly. A cat fly™ is a feather toy lure located at the end of a Tamboo® rod. Cat flies are designed to imitate your pets natural prey!

CatTamboo® toys are fun for pets and people!

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