Orange Pheasant Feather Toy

Orange pheasant feather toy by CatTamboo® Pet Toys are interactive cat toys made from wild ring-necked pheasant tail feathers and fluffy orange feathers. Tamboo Flyers® come with multiple options including the option to upgrade the rod and to add an additional peacock eye feather.
Canada Goose Feathers tied to imitate a bird or moth. Get em!

Orange Pheasant Feather Toy

Tamboo Flyer by CatTamboo® Pet Toys
Cat Flies™ on Tamboo Rods!

Pheasant Feather Toy – Orange

DESCRIPTION: Orange Pheasant Feather Toy

orange pheasant feather toys for cats and small dogs
Pheasant – Orange

Orange pheasant feather toys are Tamboo Flyers® with all natural Cat Flies™ that create an interactive experience. These interactive teaser toys for small pets are eco-friendly! The orange pheasant feather toy has beautiful pheasant tail feathers and bright orange marabou feathers.

CatTamboo® toys are fun for pets and people!

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