Orange Goose Feather Toy

Canada Goose Feathers tied to imitate a bird or moth. Get em!
Tamboo Flyer by CatTamboo® Pet Toys
Cat Flies™ on Tamboo Rods!

Orange Goose Feather Toy: DESCRIPTION

orange goose feather toy
Goose – Orange

Introducing the red goose feather toy by CatTamboo® Pet Toys.  A revolutionary new line of interactive cat toys that are eco friendly and made from sustainable materials.   Custom Tamboo® rods with the whip-like action and beautiful cat flies for the enticing allure!

Tamboo Flyers are a type of interactive cat toy that is made with a Tamboo® rod and wild Canada Goose feathers. The orange goose feather toy is a kind of Tamboo Flyer made with all natural materials. Each pet toy is tuned for optimal flight performance by using a balanced feather size to pole weight ratio. In addition, feathers are attached and oriented to fly like a wing. This makes the orange goose feather toy do a great job of imitating small birds and large moths. These orange cat toys are very attractive to cats, ferrets, and small dogs. These feather toys are a hot seller, so purchase an orange goose feather toy today!

CatTamboo® toys are fun for pets and people!

2 Replies to “Orange Goose Feather Toy”

    1. Cats love feathers and we really love cats. We provide a vegan alternative made from raffia grass. I appreciate the fact that you are a conscious consumer. We use the feathers in an effort to conserve our natural resources and honor the lives of the animals. It is done in the same consciousness of conservation and respect for nature that Native Americans used in attempting to utilize all parts of animals they hunted. I assure you that our intentions are good adn we work hard to do the right thing. Over 10,000 licenses for waterfowl are purchased every year in the state of Montana alone, and they don’t shoot them for the feathers, they do it for the sport and the breast meat. In our opinion, we are on the side of sustainability. It isn’t about supporting hunting. People are going to hunt no matter what. But we can help a small percentage of hunters to do the right thing by not being wasteful.

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