Blue Pheasant Feather Toy

Ring-necked pheasant tail feathers tied to imitate a bird or moth. Get em!

Blue Pheasant Feather Toy

Tamboo Flyer® by CatTamboo Pet Toys
Cat Flies™ on Tamboo Rods!

Pheasant Feather Toy – Blue

DESCRIPTION for Blue Pheasant Feather toy

Aqua Blue Pheasant CatTamboo interactive cat toys and small dog teaser toys.
Pheasant – Aqua Blue

Blue interactive cat toys with an all natural, tapered tamboo wand and wild Ringneck pheasant feathers. Aqua blue cat toys are the hottest selling, most attractive, and most visible colored pet toys. The wavelength of the color blue penetrates deeply in low light. Cats eyes see well in lower lighting and due to this visual enhancement, they see some colors better than others. Blue cat toys are more visible than most other colors.

CatTamboo® toys are fun for pets and people!

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