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Blue Cat Toys by CatTamboo® Pet Toys are our #1 pet toys. Blue is the brightest color available to a cat’s vision. This is due to a cat’s ability to see in low light. Blue light waves have a longer wavelength that penetrates more deeply into the dark. An example of this in nature is with deep water corals that grow on predominantly blue light. Our blue cat toys are available in three different types including Canada Goose, Ring-necked Pheasant, and Wild Turkey.

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Cats often have a favorite color and so do people!  That is why we offer pet owners a place to choose their cat toys by color.  Colors evoke emotions and impulses in both pets and people.

The Color Psychology of Blue

Blue is visually one of the easiest colors for cats to see. Cat’s eyes are designed for the dark and the wavelength of blue as a color penetrates the deepest into dark places. For example, many deep water corals in the ocean use blue light for photosynthesis because it is the only wavelength of light that reaches them. Since a cat’s eyes are tuned into low light, the color blue appears rich and vibrant to them thus making it the blue object very attractive!

  • Aqua blue cat toys are the best selling color of feather toys made by us.
  • Cats see the color blue better than other colors. Blue cat toys are very vibrant in a cat’s eyes.
  • In cat and human psychology, the color blue is idealistic and enhances self-expression in terms of our ability to communicate needs and wants. Blue cat toys are health for cats and can help fix a cats behavior problems. Learn more on timidity and how CatTamboo® pet toys can help cure it!
  • Blue colors inspire higher ideals.
  • Blue’s wisdom comes from its higher level of intelligence, a spiritual perspective.
  • Blue is the color of the spirit and devotion.

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