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Red Cat Toys by CatTamboo® Pet Toys are available in three different feather types: Pheasant, Goose, and Turkey. All feathers are from wild game birds. Choose from a variety of options such as rod size and weight, or add a peacock eye feather to make your Tamboo Flyer extra attractive!

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Cats often have a favorite color, and so do people!  That is why we offer pet owners a place to choose their cat toys by color.  Colors evoke emotions and impulses in both pets and people.

The Color Psychology of Red

For people, red is a great color when you want to draw attention to something. In cats, blues and yellow greens are brighter because their eyes see differently. However, red is seen by cats and is very effective at evoking aggressive emotions because red accents are common on birds. Red is a color that is associated with movement and excitement. Red increases the heart rate and energy levels in cats and other animals that also see in color.

  • Cats can see red, especially in lower light.
  • In human and feline psychology, the color red inspires action and aggression.
  • Red is a bright and warm color that evokes intense emotion.
  • The color red is also associated with warmth, love, and comfort.

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