Natural Pheasant Feather Toy

Natural pheasant feather toys made from wild ring necked pheasant tail feathers and natural body feathers. These interactive pet toys more closely imitate your pets natural prey by using feathers that are free from dyes and chemical washes.

DESCRIPTION: Natural Pheasant Feather Toy

pheasant feather toy Tamboo flyer by CatTamboo
Ring-Necked-Pheasant – Natural

The natural pheasant feather toy Tamboo Flyer’s are all natural interactive cat toys with a Tamboo rod and wild Ring-necked pheasant feathers. Natural pheasant body feathers are used for color. These pet toys are a great all natural product that is safe for your pets and the environment. The natural pheasant feather toy very closely imitates your pet’s natural prey.

CatTamboo® toys are fun for pets and people!

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