Natural Cat Toys

These natural cat toys have natural wild game feathers that are free from dyes. Customers who choose these feather toys usually desire a pet toy that most closely imitates their pets natural prey. In addition to using natural feathers, these pet toys also use natural Tamboo® rods. Multiple rod sizes and weights are available!

Choose your Natural Cat Toys:

Pheasant Feather Toy – Natural

Goose Feather Toy – Natural

Turkey Feather Toy – Natural


Cats often have a favorite color and so do people! That is why we offer pet owners a place to choose their cat toys by color. Colors evoke emotions and impulses in both pets and people.

The Color Psychology of Natural body feathers

The natural colors in these toys are great for those cats that prefer a more natural look to their prey. Cats have individual preferences just like people and many have chased enough natural prey to know the difference.

  • All natural colors look like real prey
  • Natural color feathers are naturally scented
  • Sometimes the closest imitation to real prey is the real thing

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