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International Shipping Policy

Welcome to CatTamboo:

A Pet Store for cat toys, dog toys, ferret toys, sugar glider toys, and more…

We ship the best interactive cat toys all over the world! Our international customers enjoy our eco cat toys and green pet products for their environmentally friendly nature and their innovative designs.

We create the experience of bringing a bird in your house, and then give you total control of it!

The result is hours of fun with your pet!

The long term result is a better relationship with your pet!

We specialize in teaser toys for small dogs!

We generally focus on cat owners and cats, but small dog owners also benefit greatly from our dog teaser toys! Our raffia toys are durable and perfect for small dogs. Our feather teasers are also an excellent option for many dog owners!


CatTamboo™ interactive pet toys are generally shipped in cardboard tube mailers about 72″ long.  The package size limits our ability to ship to many oversea locations. However, shipping to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and more is nearly the same as shipping within the Continental United States of America.  The main difference is that it isn’t cost effective for the consumer to purchase our cat toys in really small quantities.  For example, the minimum shipping to Canada is $20.95 – so Canadian consumers will typically want to order four or more cat toys at a time so they get the same low shipping price that US customers enjoy!


If you put together an order via our shopping cart and Paypal rejects your order, the reason is because we haven’t yet input specific shipping information for your country.  If we haven’t approved shipping to your country, it is because postal services will not ship there due to size constraints. Feel free to recommend shipping services to us if you are able to find shipping to your country that is reasonable.

Another consideration is using a different mail service.  UPS policies and prices often differ from USPS.  If you find secure shipping at a better price, then we are happy to use it!


USPS Postal Service shipping calculator
UPS shipping calculator

Enter the following information on package size and weight:
  1. Shipping category: Oversized package
  2. Package size: 72″ long by 1.5″ diameter
  3. Package shape: Round tube
  4. Package weight: 1-2 pounds

Please include in your calculations an extra $5 USD for packaging materials and an additional $2 USD charge for handling.  This will give you an estimated total cost on shipping for your international location.  We insure our packages via the mail service provider that you have chosen.  Generally speaking, we have had excellent results shipping our pet products internationally to Canada.

Enjoy your interactive cat toys, feathers teaser, and teaser toys for small dogs!

Thank you for Doing the CatTamboo! 


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