Goose Feather Wand Toy

Our goose feather wand toy is made from wild Canada Goose wing feathers. We collect goose feathers from hunters in Montana. Since one hunter can shoot as many as 100 geese in one season, they completely supply us with more goose wing feathers than we can possibly utilize. It is truly a sacrifice on our part to collect, butcher, and preserve these feathers. Yet by doing so, we feel that we honor the lives of the animals and at the same time support our local economy. It also provides us with the opportunity to promote responsible hunting and conservation practices.

Features of the goose feather wand toy

The goose feather wand toy is unique because goose wing feathers are broad and beautiful. In addition, many cats in our region know the smell of Canada geese as natural to their environment. We use unwashed goose feathers to entice your cats with natural scent. The unwashed goose feathers are 100% safe in that there are no known diseases spread by waterfowl or other game birds for that matter! In fact, wild game birds are clean in comparison to your pets.

Goose feather wand toys have a lofty, bat-like action when flying through the air. Goose feather wand toys come in a variety of colors and sizes. When you purchase a premium rod, you get larger goose feathers and when you purchase regular, light action rods, you get smaller feathers.

Product comparison to other feather toys

The goose feather wand toy is our #1 seller. People naturally love the look, action, and durability of these feather toys. The stems on the goose feathers are thick and durable. The feather part of these toys are constructed using a right and left feather together so the “cat fly” or fly at the end of the pet toy is a lot like a bird, moth, or bat. The natural curve to these feathers make them unique, even when compared with turkey wing feathers, which is why it is our top seller!