Should I declaw my cat?

Should I declaw my cat?


Cat Declawing Surgical Diagram

Declawing a cat is a surgical procedure that carries some controversy.  All cats have a basic need to scratch.  This need is in fact very natural and basic to cats.  The problems begin when cats start to scratch the furniture and carpets in order to satisfy their need. The other problem that can happen with a cat that has its claws is they may scratch people or children. So we need to answer the question: Should I declaw my cat?

Discussion: Should I declaw my cat?

Before making a final decision of whether or not to have your cat declawed, pet owners should consider the alternatives to amputation.  Removing a cats claws means they can’t defend themselves, climb, run, hunt, balance, or stretch their toes the way they once could.

As an alternative, cat owners can introduce their cats to scratching posts, climbing poles and other appropriate scratching surfaces.  Be sure to block off the places where you cats have scratched that you don’t want damaged.  Place tape over carpet areas or put furniture there.  Move things around so the new scratch post is preferred by your cat(s).

You can also make cat scratch posts more attractive by including bedding, cat toys, catnip, treats, and other things that you cat loves.  If you have a CatTamboo pet toy, then lure your cat to the new scratching post with the toy and they will naturally want to scratch it.  Repeat the routine to train your cat to get in the habit of using the new scratching location.

Regardless of what other pet owners, veterinarians, and pet trainers might say, we recommend not using squirt bottles to spray your cat!  Cats are a lot like children.  They are sensitive, intelligent, and perceptive. Click here to read a personal story about my cat and how our relationship was strengthened to a place where spraying my cat with water would never happen.

cat-declawing-imageAs a last resort, declawing a cat can be an option for pet owners. If you are at a place where declawing your cat is a serious consideration, then before you answer yes to the question” Should I declaw my cat?”, consider a few more alternatives.

Alternatives to Declawing your cat

Another alternative to declawing your cat is to go to the pet store or a vet for special nail tips which can be placed over your cat’s claws. The nail tips go on like an artificial fingernail, and they prevent damage when the cat performs its natural from scratching.  Also consider that new products and alternatives are being invented every day.

So should you declaw your cat? Should I declaw my cat? Typically the correct answer is NO. Depending on your cat’s breed, personality, environment, and age — it may be okay to declaw your cat, but generally speaking, it is best not to declaw cats.  Many would call it inhumane, but I’d would simply suggest that you have alternatives to declawing your cat.  In the end, if you have one of those cats that just can’t be helped, then you’ll have reached that conclusion by exhausting other options, but declawing may not solve your problems.  Ultimately, you will want to find a way to secure trust with your cat.  CatTamboo toys are effective at strengthening the bond between cats and their owners.  Play is a natural instinct of animals that creates bonding and trust. We recommend letting you cat keep their claws and instead establish a regular play routine using CatTamboo pet toys. Give you cat some designated scratching areas and arrange your cat’s environment in such a way that your cat can keep its claws!

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