Keep Cats amused with toys!

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Keep Cats Amused: The best solutions!

Keep cats amused and have fun doing it! That is the topic of this guide for buying the right kind of cat toys to keep your cats entertained in a long lasting way.

Cat Toys and Small Dog Toys to keep your pet amused.

Having a cat or small dog as a pet means not only giving it food and caring for it. We have to look out for the pet and buy toys which make it happy and playful. Don’t fall prey to buying cheep cat toys. Instead find durable ones to make your cats life happy.

Now days so many cat toys are available for your pet. The market offers pet owners many comfortable toys with various shapes and size. You have to be careful about which pet toys will be suitable for your cat or small dog. Choose toys that are not too big or small. Especially avoid pet toys which could hurt any sensitive body part of your pet. Additionally, pet toys should be movable like a ball, a feather toy, or a CatTamboo which helps them to play smoothly and get some exercise. It should not be necessary to purchase exclusive toys which make your cat joyful play.

Sometime we feel that we do not have enough money to buy toys for our cat or especially if we have many cats. However, there are many ways to select toys for your cats and some pet toy manufacturers have products that allow you to repair them and keep them in circulation for longer periods of time, thus saving you money. You can purchase a ball and you can also play with it, you throw the ball and cat will run to catch at that time. You can also use a hair tie to play fetch. It doesn’t have to cost much money to engage your cats in meaningful ways. It should be pleasure time for your cat and you as well. A time both of you will enjoy.

The nature of cats is similar to a human child. Cats also are curious animals and new toys will peak their curiosity. Many think that curiosity is reduced with its old toys and believe that you need to change their toys so your cat or small dog doesn’t get bored. Well, if you purchase a product that appeals to your pet’s instincts, then they will never tire of it because their basic instinct is to chase mice, snakes, and birds, bats, moths, and other winged creatures. While shopping for and purchasing cat toys or teaser toys for small dogs, you should consider your pets natural habits like scratching and biting.

Choose toys that offer some flexibility or cover a range of needs for your pet. Always choose pet products that are free from harmful ingredients. It is common that cats never put down mouse or bird hunting. Cats will chase a mouse or bird instinctively, faster than you can blink an eye. So when you decide to go and purchase new cat toys or teaser toys for your small dog, cat, or ferret: Think about your pet’s nature and buy toys that appeal to that nature. Choose a mouse that is in the shape of rat or mouse. Your new pet toys should make you happy because they will make your cat playful and energetic.

As we all know, we are buying pet toys to make our pet cat and/or small dog very happy.


When shopping for Cat Toys to keep cats amused, you should look for those that are high quality. You can find out more about buying quality by going to Kittie Solutions Ltd.

Ecostar Award

Ecostar Award, Montana USA

In February of 2010, CatTamboo™ Pet Toys received the EcoStar Award for our environmental efforts.  We felt honored to be among the other 27 small businesses that won the award.

That February, we gathered in the capitol city of Helena, MT at the capitol building, in the rotunda.  Our Montana governor (Brian Schweitzer) gave a wonderful speech about our heritage in relationship to nature.  Montanan’s have always been good stewards of the land and those who where not didn’t make it out here.

It was impressive to see how much other companies have done to help our environment.  In the future, we had hoped to see many others join this event, but once you’ve won the honors those who participated will bring other businesses along or encourage them to make some changes.   In 2012, CatTamboo™ Pet products got more green with the introduction of a new program.  The program involved collecting wild game birds from Montana, Wyoming, Washington, and South Dakota.  Comparing the statistics of how many game birds are shot each year, the numbers of wasted natural resources are staggering.  Our networking goal for 2013 was to process multiple hundreds of each species including ducks, geese, wild turkey and pheasant. Now it is 2015 and we are still striving to make use of these otherwise wasted natural resources. Click here to learn more about our Game bird conservation program and the statistics on how many game bird hunting licenses are pulled each year in Montana alone and what that equates to in terms of feather and feather toy numbers.  The fact is that most game bird feathers are wasted because collecting and processing them is a challenge and expense.  It is much easier to just hook up a supplier from China. But we have the same values as all Ecostar award winners in our commitment to make the planet greener, and we love supporting the US and Montana economies.

Another development from 2012 game bird conservation efforts is happening this fall of 2015 with the possible addition of yet another feather resource and feather type.  We are researching the possibility of adding white domestic turkey to the mix.  White turkey feathers are strikingly beautiful and make awesome cat toys.

In addition, we have large scale plans that will continue to take plastic waste out of the environment and employ Americans for production and distribution of our made in the USA pet toys.

Toys cats love: Why do cats love these toys so much?

Toys cats love the most is the topic of this post. All cat lovers who buy toys are in search of toys cats love to play with and if possible, a toy that we like to play with too.

There is a direct science behind Why cats love Doing the CatTamboo.  Please tell us how much your cats, ferrets, dogs, and other pets love CatTamboo® pet toys. We enjoy your stories!

On a number of occasions I’ve been asked the question:  What did you put on my feather teaser toy that makes my cat love it so much? What a wonderful question to be asked!  Especially since we are in the business of designing and making toys cats love.  And being an engineer and inventor, I have a sound theory on what makes it all happen with CatTamboo.

toys cats loveNature is all about balance.  So in nature, balance on many levels is used to achieve grandeur on the larger scale.  I think that CatTamboo® pet toys cover the most important levels that appeal to the 5 primary senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

Most of us here at CatTamboo are cat lovers. We design toys cats love.  We also buy toys cats love. And even though we don’t necessarily like all cats, we do love most cats and have loved some cats like our own children. I think everyone designing for CatTamboo® Pet Toys is required to appreciate cats and care enough to pay attention to how they communicate.

I personally believe that cats have great imaginations. So if we have a good design that appeals to the 5 senses, then imagining the object is a real bird becomes fairly easy.

I think one day, movies will attempt to accomplish the same feat as we do with CatTamboo® pet toys.  Imagine 3D Imax with smells, humidity, heat, coolness, vibrations, etc.

The more you appeal to the 5 senses, the more real the experience becomes.

So here we have a pet toy that flies very much like a bird wing and is long enough to allow a cat to ignore you in the process of chasing it.

cat toys cats love

As the wing flies, it also makes the sounds of a wing.  The 5 – 7 foot long rod also makes a very inviting sound.

One interesting bit of insider information: when I whip a long, blank tamboo rod in the air, my brothers chocolate lab/ red-bone coon hound mix goes nuts.  He can’t see the rod whipping through the air, but the sound drives him crazy such that he’ll start jumping into the air biting at nothing.

When I get a toy whipping, the cats can hear it from across the living room, down the hall, and all the way in the back bedroom.  They come running every time 🙂 Now that is a toy cats love! And dogs love them too!

Ever see those slow motion videos of birds in flight.  Well, our demo video has some toys flying in slower motion and you’ll notice that the action is fairly similar.  Another thing you will notice is how the feathers fly through the air when you simply guide them.  They are much like an airplane wing.  As air pushes over the top of the wing, the acceleration of air creates low pressure, thus as pressure moves from high to low, you get lift under the wing.  This swooping action is nearly exactly what happens when a bird comes in to land.  And, when a bird comes in to land is when the cat has a chance!

pet toys cats loveThis bring up another good point.  Cats are hunters and hunting is challenging!  Challenging is the key word here because CatTamboo® cat toys can be a serious challenge for cats.  I think that is one of my favorite things about them.  I have enough control to make it very difficult for the most aggressive cats to catch it.  The continuity from handle to tip gives you control, but as the feather darts and dodges through the air, its movements can be very unpredictable.  This unpredictability can make them challenging to catch.  So in summary, cats are like humans in that they like good sport.

And that leads us to yet another great point.  Most pet cats love their humans.  They love you!  Ever have your cat bring you something dead, like a bird or mouse?

toys cats love mostThis is the way cats show you that they love you.  In fact, it is one of the sweetest things they will do (in their minds) to tell you they are happy and love you.  Have you thought about how much patience and persistence it must take for your cat to catch a bird?  They might wait for hours to get their chance!  Now that part of their lives they do alone, but with CatTamboo® cat toys, they get to practice and show off and share their skills with you.

This is why I recommend shooting video early when you first expose your cats to our eco friendly pet toys.  I believe it makes for the best, most exciting videos if you shoot within the first month or two of getting your new pet toy.

Add to the mix the fact that many CatTamboo® pet toy products use unwashed feathers that smell and taste just like birds (by fact that they are birds).  toys cats love loveIf you have a really big or aggressive cat-or if you have some wild cat in the breed, then also consider that these feathers are from pheasant and goose which were primary prey for such animals, so when you trace the breeding back, you will notice these instinct remain within the domesticated animals.

I think it is all of these factors combined that make the CatTamboo® cat toys so appealing to our feline friends.  This is why CatTamboo’s are the best cat toys on the market.