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Introducing a new breed of premium hand crafted pet toys by CatTamboo!

cat toys USACat Toys Made in the USA – Many Americans want to buy quality USA made toys for their pets. Below is purchasing platform for cat toys we currently have available from CatTamboo® Pet Toys.

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Tamboo Flyers®

Introducing our interactive cat toys and teaser toys for small pets.

Goose Feather Toys

ORDER Goose Feather Toys (by color):

Purple Goose feather toys and teaser toys.
Goose – Purple
Buy cat toys Blue Goose Feather toys interactive cat toys and teaser toys.
Goose – Blue
Buy cat toys online - Tamboo flyer red goose feather toy
Goose – Red
buy cat toys online orange goose feather toys
Goose – Orange
Buy cat toys online pink goose feather toys
Goose – Pink
buy cat toys online - all natural goose feather toys
Goose – Natural


These elegant feather teaser toys are made with beautiful goose feathers. Most of these feathers are also reclaimed from sources that would otherwise throw them in the trash or landfill. The goose feathers are a good size for teaser toys. The goose feathers float and fly very well. They are similar to the turkey feathers only smaller. They do an excellent job imitating sparrows and bats.

Pheasant Feather Toys

ORDER Pheasant Feather Toys (by color):

purple feather toy
Pheasant – Purple
Aqua Blue feather toy
Pheasant – Aqua
Red Pheasant feather toy
Pheasant – Red
Tamboo flyer orange cat toy pheasant feathers
Pheasant – Orange
pink cat toy pheasant feather toy
Pheasant – Pink
 interactive cat toys pheasant natural
Pheasant – Natural


These interactive feather toys are made Ring-necked pheasant tail feathers. Ring-neck pheasant are a common upland game bird. The pheasant feathers make a beautiful, realistic pet toy. In many environments, the smell of pheasant is common to the pets surroundings, which makes it extra life-like and enticing.

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Wild Turkey Feather Toys

ORDER Wild Turkey Feather Toys (by color):

Buy cat toys Purple Turkey feather toys and teaser toys.
Turkey – Purple
Buy cat toys online - Blue Wild Turkey feather toys.
Turkey – Blue
Red Turkey feather toy
Wild Turkey – Red
buy cat toys orange feather toys with wild turkey feathers
Turkey – Orange
Buy cat toys Pink Wild Turkey feather toys and teaser toys.
Turkey – Pink
Buy cat toys natural Wild Turkey Feather Toys
Turkey – Natural


Tamboo Flyers® with Cat Flies™ made from wild turkey feathers. These teaser toys are beautiful and durable! The wild turkey wing feathers are more expensive and harder to get, therefore, they cost a little more.

Your color choices can be made on the order form.

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Tamboo Flyers® are a new style of interactive eco friendly pet toy. Our unique wand style cat toys and teaser toys for small pets average 6 feet in length. The Tamboo rods® are manufactured using all natural materials that are very durable. These premium hand crafted pet toys are classified as interactive cat toys, feather toys, and teaser toys for small pets.

5 Replies to “Buy Cat Toys Online”

  1. I heard about CatTamboo Toys two years ago. I have an 18 month old monster, who at 23 pounds who LOVES this toy. I actually met the maker informally and have seen what it takes to make these wonderful things. A lot of thought and love goes into these products.

    After my cat “Shadow” literally saw the thing, it has been a constant part of our daily play routine. I have to hide the toy, or he will find ways to entertain himself with it. After the first introduction to the device Shadow was completely taken with it. I tickled his nose with it and we were off and playing.

    The interaction is both fun for me and the cat, and I often have too ask myself who is having more fun at times. As someone who enjoys sport catch and release fishing this toy is very much like ‘fishing’ for cats. The fun part is coming up with ways to hide the ‘bait’ in such a way that the cat won’t find it when it’s removed from it’s hiding spot.

    Thank you for your coming up with such a wonderful idea, and your personal support after the fact. I cannot say enough about this toy.

    Both owner and cat will love it!

    The second Shadow sees the feather bundle he’s up and playing. It’s a fun time for both the owner and the cat. Quality time with a quality product!

  2. Can I simply say what a comfort to uncover somebody who truly knows
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  3. One of my cats, Fritz, LOVES this ideal and well designed cat toy. His activity level (as a Ragdoll) is usually minimal. BUT with this toy he’s even jumping off the floor and running after it!

    The length is perfect. I can be enjoying a good book and just flip my wrist. I usually keep it in an outside vestibule but forgot a few times. Hence, Fritz was not the culprit who destroyed it . . . it was me!

    I neglected to bookmark the site so I searched online using the word “repairable’ feather toy. No results at all so I went ahead with duct tape after breaking the wand twice by stepping on it. I also bought new feathers at a craft store, also taping them.

    I am SO HAPPY since I remember the word bamboo. I am reordering. Now I see the feathers are also replaceable. Now I just need to know what kind and color of feathers I had originally purchased.

    This product’s quality is EXCELLENT and STURDY! That is, until a human steps on it.
    For the LOVE of CATS, I thank you.

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