Billings Home Improvement Show

Home Improvement Show – Billings , MT

2012 is the first year that we participated in the Billings Home Improvement Show.


CatTamboo™ Pet Toys participated in the Billings Home Improvement Show for Spring and Fall! In the fall show, we joined in a booth with Crystal Clear Aquariums – a saltwater pet store. Big thanks to Beau for hooking us up with an excellent location. It is always fun to watch people walking around with our feather toys.

Billings Home Improvement Show Acknowledgements

best cat toys in home improvement show
Booth at Home Improvement Show

We’d just like to thank everyone who decided to try our pet products at the billings home improvement show.  We sold our larger, longest toys that we typically don’t sell individually to online customers because of their extra length and stiffness.  This made it extra special for customers because they got a longer, more durable product for a way better price!  Generally speaking, we try to significantly discount our prices for trade shows, and every year we give our pet products away.  This Fall, we did a $1 raffle to give away cat toys.  Most people in Billings where tight with their dollar this Fall so we decided to make everyone who bought a ticket a winner!

Congratulations to Deb Aldrich, Karen Robinson, and Linda Hayes — just a few of the winners of free CatTamboo pet toys! People who have more than a few cats often can’t afford to buy cat toys for all of them, so it feels good to give away something that we know people and their cats will absolutely love. It is awesome.


I’d also like to shout out a HUGE thanks to the team at Rimrock Promotions for giving us special treatment so we could participate in this years 30th Anniversary Spring Home Improvement Show and an even bigger thanks to the stunningly beautiful Marselle for running the booth! You are awesome.

Billings Home Improvement Show 2013

We decided not to do the Billings Home Improvement Show in 2013, but we are making CatTamboo™ pet toys available in more stores locally. The popularity of our pet toys has made production the number one focus. Thank you to all of our customers world wide for Doing the CatTamboo!

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