Best interactive Cat toys

What can we expect from the best interactive cat toys?

The Best interactive cat toys can by identified by the features that the cat toy can honestly claim. Cats enjoy playing with a variety of things, but just because anything works as a cat toy doesn’t make it the best cat toy. The best cat toys are designed intelligently for cat owners and their pets. After all, you want to do some of the playing yourself! This adds the challenge of finding an interactive cat toy that you also enjoy!

Here are 8 important features that make up the best interactive cat toys

  1. The best interactive cat toys are safe for pets and kids.

    Many of the leading cat toys on the market can be dangerous! These top selling, top rated cat toys have strings and sharp plastic ends that can choke and poke eyes. The best interactive cat toys are string less and the wands are tapered and flexible. That way if you grab the wrong end, the toy flops to the ground, and if you hold the right end, you have something completely safe. I guess product insurance allows manufacturers of cat toys to take some risks, but getting the best means keeping our pets and kids safe.

  2. The best interactive cat toys are durable and repairable.

    If you want the best of something, it better hold up to the expect use. Cat toys should NOT be indestructible, but you should get your money’s worth. What good is a toy if you can’t keep it around long enough to use it? The best interactive cat toys strike a good balance in durability.

  3. They are fun for people!

    The best interactive cat toys engage the pet with the pet owner in a way that is fun for them both. As successful toy creates a fun interaction between the cat and cat owner. The cat owners are often more selective with toys than their cats. You aren’t just buying an interactive cat toys, you are buying the experience it creates with your cats.

  4. The best interactive cat toys closely imitate a cats natural prey.

    The goal is to make toys that are extremely attractive to cats. Integral to every cat breed is a root to nature and the feline hunting instinct that is a part of the breed. Healthy cats like to hunt and so do the funnest cats because the best interactive cat toys will trigger that hunting instinct!

  5. The best interactive cat toys are made from natural materials.

    Nature is a cat’s home. It only follows that cats prefer pet toys with materials that come from nature. Cat do like synthetic materials, but we are talking about elements of the best interactive cat toys.

  6. The best interactive cat toys are eco friendly.

    The very best interactive cat toys are Green. Eco friendly means safe for the environment, all natural, and green. The best cat toys don’t last forever. It is a cat toy not a car! Cats like to eat things from nature that will perish and biodegrade. The best interactive cat toys are made from materials that are biodegradable, compostable, and safe for the environment.

  7. The best interactive pet toys do a good job of exercising your cat.

    Cats need plenty of exercise in order to feel great. This is especially important for indoor cats. How well a cat toys performs as an exercise aide is a function of how effective it is at giving your cat some range for running and jumping. So if your interactive cat toy is a wand style, then it better be a long wand! You need a toy that will effectively make your cat run and jump. If your interactive cat toy is the best, then it will do this well.

  8. The best interactive cat toys are 100% made in the USA.

    Pet toys USA! You just can’t get the best from China. CatTamboo® pet toys are all made in the USA. American ingenuity is world renowned.


CatTamboo® pet toys are super fun to play with because each toy has a rhythm and techniques that make them fly different ways. When you buy a CatTamboo, you are buying a unique experience with your pet!

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